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2016 Christmas Card Announcement


Name School  Division Place  
Thomas Dziubela St. Patrick Masters 1st   
Billye Albro Sacred Heart Masters 2nd   
Cameron Susino St Charles  Masters 3rd  
Michelle Chen Sacred Heart Masters Hon. Men.  
Name School  Division Place   
Chris Bonifacio St Charles Learners 1st   
Luke Bonifacio St Charles Learners 2nd   
Jack Loughran St. Rita  Learners 3rd   
Casey Boyle OLQP Learners Hon. Men.  
Name School  Division Place   
Kayla Dulski St Rita Beginners 1st  
Isabella Pizzuti St Rita Beginners 2nd  
Taylor Colella SJVA Beginners 3rd  
LiLi Bilotti St Teresa Beginners Hon. Men.  
Name School  Division Place   
Jeremiah Irizzary St Rita Novice 1st  
Serena Ferrante St Rita Novice 2nd   
Angela Laureno Sacred Heart Novice  3rd  
Sophia Wright  St Christopher Novice  Hon. Men.

The winners will be recognized at the CYO Wine & Cheese Event to be held in May 2017. The winning Christmas Cards will be displayed at the event and returned to the artist at the end of the event.  The remaining art work can be picked up at the CYO Center, located at 120 Anderson Ave., Staten Island 10302, beginning Monday, December 19th .  The art can also be picked up on the weekends.  Please call me at 718-448-4949, for weekend pickup times. 

 Again, thank you and best wishes for a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.



                                                                                    Michael Neely

                                                                                    Michael Neely

                                                                                    Staten Island CYO County Coordinator