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revised April - 2017

  1. With the exception of the local Staten Island CYO rules, the league will follow the 2017 National Federation of High Schools Rulebook.
  2. CYO field permits are for two-hour time slots. No new inning will start after one hour, forty-five minutes of announced starting time. Tie-games will be played until two-hour time limit, if tie is not broken, game ends in a tie.
  1. Nine players make up a team in play; however teams must field no less than eight players to make the game legal. If a player arrives after start of game, he/she must play the field before taking a turn at bat, and said player must bat last. Use of tenth batter-an offensive player-is permitted. In rookie ten players may play the field (l0 player is an outfielder). Rotary Lineup is optional. 
  1. A team arriving without sufficient number of players will be given a time to begin the game, and if not able to field a team in a reasonable  time, team shall forfeit the game. Forfeiting team is responsible to pay both teams' umpire fees.

  1. Varsity teams play 7 innings. All else play 6 innings, or one hour and forty-five minutes whichever comes first. If a game is suspended for any reason (rain, thunder or an act of God etc.) for a game to be official, Varsity must play 4 innings, Rookie/Tyro must play 3 innings.
  1. No mercy rule will be in effect. When a team is 10 runs ahead after a game becomes official. Both teams must have equal turns at bat. At this time the manager that is behind may concede game.
  1. Lineups must be given to the Umpire and the other team, listing players' last name, number, and position. including subs
  1. Pitching distance and base lengths are:
  • Rookie:     pitching 46'6"              bases 60 ft.
  • Tyro:          pitching 50'                  bases 70 ft
  • Varsity:      pitching 60'6"              bases 90 ft.
  1. Each team must have the following equipment:

a. A set of bases, including home plate, and a safety base orange in color. (*Safety base required for rookie only, Varsity optional.)

b. A portable pitcher's rubber (full size).

c. A new ball for each game.

  • Varsity-      Babe Ruth
  • Tyro-         Official Little League 
  • Rookie-    RIF 5 Safety Ball 

d. At least five (5) helmets. The on-deck batter and base runners must wear a helmet. A defensive player may wear a helmet! Helmet or helmet and mask combination shall have full ear protection ( dual ear flaps)

e. Complete equipment for catchers, (mask with attached throat protector, helmet, shin guards and a chest protector).

f. Teams and/or players supply their own bats and gloves.


h. The bat shall not be more than 2-5/8 inches in diameter at its thickest part (-3) for Varsity. Bats for Bantam (WOOD BATS ONLY, ALL DIVISIONS) Small Fry must have Little League Approved on Bat.

i. Catcher's helmet and mask combination must be connected with straps.

  1. The pitcher will be allowed 8 initial warm-up pitches: then 3 warm-ups per each additional inning. If a pitcher hits 3 batters in an inning, or 4 batters in a game, then that pitcher must be removed from that position and may not re-enter into the pitching position.
  1. If a team manager coach goes to the mound to talk to the pitcher more  than once an inning, the pitcher must be removed on the second visit and may not re-enter as a pitcher in that inning. If a pitcher comes out with 1 visit to the mound, same applies. A pitcher can re-enter in another inning, but must remain in the same batting lineup.
  1. Teams may have adult coaches on the bases, but they are not allowed to argue an umpire's decision. The HEAD COACH is the only one who can DISCUSS a call! 
  1. A batter who throws or flings the bat on a swing will be given a warning.
  1. In rookie division there is no stealing or leads allowed. Tyro  and Varsity can lead and steal.
  1. In rookie division a ball swung on and missed, or not swung at, the ball is dead. Batter is out on dropped third strike. Varsity & Tyro, ball is alive at all times, third strike must be held or batter can run.
  1. The infield fly rule is in effect except in the rookie division.
  1. The re-entry rule: a player starting the game may re-enter the game once. He/she must re-enter in the original batting spot. A sub cannot re-enter a game.
  1. The substitute runner for the catcher (anytime) will be the player who was last put out.
  1. If a player becomes injured and there are no more subs on bench, the umpire will authorize coach to re-enter a player who already has been played. If no one is available, an out is recorded when that spot comes to bat.
  1.  There is a no crash rule in effect: Runner must avoid contact.
  1. It is THE COACHES RESPONSIBILITY to make sure that all jewelry (rings-watches-friendship bracelets-chains-earrings-barrettes, etc.) is removed from each player prior to the game.  Player’s safety is of utmost importance.
  1. A player will be ejected from a game for throwing a bat or helmet, cursing, fighting or verbal abuse of an umpire, coach, or another player. This also applies to coaches, parents or any other unruly person!
  1. The umpire is in charge of the game. He/she will call the game for rain, unsportsmanlike conduct or any other reason he/she deems necessary. The umpire's decision is final.
  1. BLOOD RULE: A player, coach or umpire who is bleeding or who has blood on his/her uniform shall be prohibited from participating further in the game until appropriate treatment is administered. If medical care or treatment is administered in a reasonable length of time, the individual will not have to leave the game. The length of time that is considered reasonable is left to the umpire's judgment. Uniform rule violations will not be enforced if a uniform change is required. The re-entry rule will not be enforced.
  1. In all rookie the batting around once or three outs, whichever comes first, rule applies.
  1. A batter may be intentionally walked, with no pitch being thrown in all divisions except Varsity / Tyro
  1. For safety purpose, there will be no on deck batters allowed.
  1. All managers must remain in dugout when team is on the field playing Defense.
  1. Please urge parents/fans not to stand behind backstop when possible, so there are no distractions to pitcher or umpires. We thank you all in advance for your cooperation.
  1. If in the judgment of the umpire, a fielder intentionally carries, kicks, pushes, or throws a live ball from playable territory into dead ball territory; the ball is dead. Each runner is awarded two bases from the last base touched at the time the fielder entered or the ball was kicked, pushed or thro\in into dead ball territory.
  1. In Varsity/Tyro Division only a verbal warning will be issued to Pitcher for 1st Balk and Umpires will be instructed not to be very critical Therefore only if it appears to become very obvious will a balk be Called. (We want to teach the children)
  1. Pitching rules: see below
  • Varsity
    • 1-20     no days rest
    • 21-35   1 day rest
    • 36-50   2 days rest
    • 51-65   3 days rest
    • 66-95   4 days rest.
    • 95        max for varsity division
  • Tyro division
    • ​0-20.    No days rest
    • 21-35   1 day rest
    • 36-50   2 days rest
    • 51-65   3 days rest
    • 66-85   4 days rest
    • 85        max for tyro division
  • Rookies
    • 1 inning pitched 1 day rest
    • 2 inning pitched 2 days rest
    • 3 inning pitched 3 days rest
    • 3 innings pitched should be max in game.

Umpire Fees 
 7th & 8th Varsity       $ 50.00 Per Game per Ump ($50 each Team) 
 All other Grades        $ 40.00 Per Game per Ump ($40 each Team)