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Welcome to the CYO of Staten Island

Welcome Staten Island

CYO Coordinators, Coaches, Parents, Players 

The mission of CYO is to provide the highest quality programs to our young people. We are committed to provide these programs based on integrity, fair play and the right of all individuals to participate. We view our responsibility as extending far beyond the mere teaching of athletic skills. Our programs offer the opportunity to develop moral standards in all of our young people.

Thank you all for being part of the CYO community. It is through the commitment, time and effort of our volunteers and participants that we are able to achieve the CYO mission. This Staten Island County CYO League website is sponsored by the NY Archdiocese Catholic Youth Organization with the intention of enhancing the CYO experience for all involved. 

C Y O A Finals Played at St. Joseph by the Sea

Sponsors 2020

Sat  2/29/2020


>A Division - Boys>3rd Grade Boys A> 

Holy Child 3A (h) vs. Sacred Heart 3A


>A Division - Girls>3rd Grade Girls A> 

St. Teresa 3G A (h) vs. OLGC 3G A


>A Division - Boys>5th Grade Boys A> 

OLSS 5A (h) vs. St. Clare 5A


>A Division - Boys>4th Grade Boys A> 

Sacred Heart 4A (h) vs. St. Clare 4A


>A Division - Girls>5th Grade Girls A> 

SJSTSJN 5G A (h) vs. St. Clare 5G A


>A Division - Girls>7th Grade Girls A> 

St. Charles 7G A (h) vs. SJSTSJN 7G A


>B Division - Girls>8th Grade Girls B > 

St. Adalbert 8G B (h) vs. SJHA 8G B


>A Division - Girls>8th Grade Girls A> 

Holy Child 8G A (h)vs.Sacred Heart 8G A

Sun 03/01/2020




>A Division - Girls>4th Grade Girls A> 

OLSS 4G A (h) vs. St. Charles 4G A


>A Division - Girls>6th Grade Girls A> 

Blessed Sacrament 6G A(h)vs.OLSS 6G A


>A Division - Boys>6th Grade Boys A> 

Sacred Heart 6A (h) vs. OLSS 6A


>A Division - Boys>7th Grade Boys A> 

St. Teresa 7A (h) vs. SJSTSJN 7A


>B Division - Boys>8th Grade Boys B > 

St. Patrick’s 8B (h) vs. OLHC Blue 8B


>A Division - Boys>8th Grade Boys A> 

St. Teresa( White) 8A (h) vs. St. Rita 8A

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Playoff Brackets Available

2019 -2020


Playoff Brackets

Girls Divisions

3rd Grade Girls A

3rd Grade Girls B

4th Grade Girls A

4th Grade Girls B

5th Grade Girls A

5th Grade Girls B

6th Grade Girls A

6th Grade Girls B

7th Grade Girls A

7th Grade Girls B

8th Grade Girls A

8th Grade Girls B

Boys Divisions

3rd Grade Boys A

3rd Grade Boys B 

3rd Grade Boys C

4th Grade Boys A

4th Grade Boys B

4th Grade Boys C

5th Grade Boys A

5th Grade Boys B

5th Grade Boys C

6th Grade Boys A

6th Grade Boys B 

6th Grade Boys C

7th Grade Boys A

7th Grade Boys B 

7th Grade Boys C

8th Grade Boys A

8th Grade Boys B

8th Grade Boys C
9th Grade Boys 10th Grade Boys 11th Grade Boys
12th Grade Boys
Biddy Showcase
Biddy 1st Grade - View 2/22 Schedule @ Sacred Heart
Biddy 2nd Grade - View 2/22 Schedule @ St Charles
Biddy Girls - View 2/23 Girls Schedule @ ASD
Biddy Coed - View 2/23 Biddy Coed @ Port Richmond Up
Facility Schedules
click on facility name for directions
ASD View Facility Schedule
Blessed Sacrament View Facility Schedule
CSI View Facility Schedule
CYO MIV View Facility Schedule
CYO Port (DOWN) View Facility Schedule
Holy Child View Facility Schedule
Holy Family View Facility Schedule
Holy Rosary View Facility Schedule
JCC 1 View Facility Schedule
JCC 2 View Facility Schedule
Monsignor Farrell HS View Facility Schedule
OLQP View Facility Schedule
OLSS (WTC) View Facility Schedule
OLSS (PM) View Facility Schedule
St Christopher View Facility Schedule
St Clare View Facility Schedule
St Joseph by the Sea View Facility Schedule
St Joseph Hill Academy View Facility Schedule
St Joseph St Thomas View Facility Schedule
St Patrick View Facility Schedule
ST Peters Boys HS View Facility Schedule
St Peter St Paul View Facility Schedule
St Teresa View Facility Schedule

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2020 Spring Summer League - Registration Open

League is Not Parish Based

You can form own teams

3rd through 8th
Boys and Girls
High School Division
Boys and Girls



Official Fees 35.00 per game


Official Fees 40.00 per game

# Games Played

10-12 Game
Regular Season

10-12 Game
Regular Season

Regular  Season Dates

May 4th  - July 12th
(no games 6/30 - 7/7)

April 20th  - June 17th


Begin July 17th
End by July 31st

Begin June 17th
End by June 30th


13 Teams Max per division

13 Teams Max per division

Game Sites

JCC Arthur Kill & Manor, Fastbreak, CYO-MIV,
CYO Port Richmond, SPSP…plus

JCC Arthur Kill & Manor, Fastbreak, CYO-MIV,
CYO Port Richmond, SPSP…plus


Open to Boys & Girls
entering 3rd - 8th Grade as of 9/2020

Open to Boys & Girls
entering 9th - 12th Grade as of 9/2020

  • Team Fees include
  • End of Season Team Awards
  • Other Giveaways...Plus much, much more…….
  • Teams will be asked to give us minimum of 25 Days/Times that they can play
  • Also site they would prefer
  • (Games will be played on weekdays, Monday - Friday)

For More information: Check out:  sicyo.net

HS Season Playoffs End June 30th

Grade School Divisions Playoffs end July 31st

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by posted 01/05/2020
2020 Dr Atlas / CYO Golf Tournament

Monday, June 29, 2020

Silver Lake Golf Course

Tee Times Starting at 8:15 AM




  • Please read and review the Tournament Rules Page ( www.sicyo.net )
  • Deadline to enter is June 10th ( No Exceptions ) after which you will be put on a waiting list.
  • $35 participant fee must be received by June 15th

by posted 01/01/2020
Boundary Map

CYO Boundary Map
Where should you play?

Enter your address on the
CYO Boundary Map to find out

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